Your inner Animal

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Do you ever stop to wonder how much of our actions are motivated by our human animal instincts? Think Darwin then think you.

If I look at my meaning, the honest core goes to perpetuating the species (family, self-preservation, love, etc)...

If we take the need to mate and bond away, what are we left with?
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    Tue, October 7, 2003 - 4:03 AM
    The need to FROLIC!!!
    Never underestimate the power of frolicking! (although frolicking often does lead to "mating" - hee hee)

    Me? I'm kinda twisted in that regard.... I'm not into perpetuating the species - not THIS species anyway! I kinda think that humans are over-rated as a species.... there are some great specimens, but the average example kind of turns my stomach.

    Sometimes I have more compassion for road kill I see on the side of the highway. It ain't a popular view, but hey - just being honest... I'm kinda sick that way ;-)
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      Tue, October 7, 2003 - 6:10 PM
      If given a choice, it seems to me, that most of the humans on good ole 'irth' would rather forget entirely the notion that there is any aspect of life beyond what their beady little eyes can see.
      The growth of the race is dependant on the slowest among us, not the most advanced. Thats a scary thought considering the least enlightened of us seems to be having the most kids.
      To rise above the masses and think, feel and love from a higher place is probably the hardest thing we will ever accomplish. That proverbial road from the head to the heart. The only journey really worth taking imho.

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